Designa transcends boundaries to bring the future here today.

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Designa is known as the global technology leader in the parking management industry. As the catalyst for the industry, Designa also delivers something that only a very few companies are able to offer – innovative ideas. For Designa it has never been a question of successfully adapting, but rather of being successfully at the forefront of the industry.

Since its founding in 1951, our company undergoes constant, flexible development. To make sure that this is driven forward over the long term, our company has its own innovation process that ensures that fresh thinking has the space that it needs to flourish.

Yet Designa is not only dedicated to the target-orientated creation of new, innovative products. We are also focused on skillfully networking the existing with the new, for example open interfaces that can be extended without difficulty and the clever implementation of ideas that create genuine added value. The promotion of pilot projects such as using Application Service Providing to operate parking garages over the Internet with a centralized server is just one example from the many future possibilities that we are delighted to offer our customers. In the emerging field of intermobility, there are so many new ideas. Designa is an innovative and reliable partner, standing by our customer’s side, from the initial development of ideas right through to the complete technical implementation of their parking management solutions.

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